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Press Release

Captain Deadeye: The Bully Shark

Authors Dianne de Las Casas and John Couret Launch Stop Bullying! Be a Lifesaver! National Anti-Bullying Campaign


“Shiver me timbers! Climb aboard for a seagoing yarn with plenty of heart. A must-read for swashbucklers and landlubbers alike!” – Eric A. Kimmel, author of Anansi and the Moss-Covered Rock, Caldecott Honor book Hershel and the Hanukkah Goblins, and over 130 award-winning children’s books

New Orleans, LA – Over 3.2 million students are the victims of bullying each year. Bullying is the No. 1 cause of adolescent and teen suicide. To address this pervasive issue, Dianne de Las Casas and John Couret have co-authored a book, Captain Deadeye: The Bully Shark. The book is at the core of their anti-bullying campaign and to further their message, they have also created a theatrical school program and curriculum.

Based on their own real-life experiences of being bullied, Dianne and John educate students on how to stand up to bullying and become lifesavers. In middle school, Dianne was bullied because of burns scars covering a large portion of her body. She became so despondent that, in high school, she tried to take her own life. Because of his lazy eyes, John was called “Deadeye John” and was severely bullied in elementary and middle school. This led to him dropping out of school. Now, they are on a mission to change the world, one student at a time.

About the Book, Captain Deadeye: The Bully Shark
Ahoy there, matey! Fourth Grader John goes to Oceanside Elementary and, because of his lazy eyes, he is bullied by a boy who calls himself “Shark.” Shark gives him the hurtful nickname “Deadeye John.” To cheer him up, John’s mom sends him on a treasure hunt where he discovers a magical chest full of loot! He finds an eye patch and a pirate hat, and becomes “Captain Deadeye, Master of the Seven Seas.” Join Captain Deadeye on this seafaring pirate adventure where he battles a fierce storm; his nemesis, Captain Blackheart; and a vicious shark all while finding the courage to face his real-life bully at school. ISBN-13: 978-0997-94770-0

About the Authors
Dianne de Las Casas is an award-winning author of 28 books, a professional storyteller, a publisher, and the founder of Picture Book Month. John Couret is the author of two books, a publisher, and a success coach. Together, they co-authored the Captain Deadeye series to further their platform of literacy and anti-bullying. They tour the country with their “Stop Bullying! Be a Lifesaver” anti-bully program and books, making a difference in thousands of lives.

Join Dianne de Las Casas and John Couret in their mission to change the world, one student at a time. For more information, visit www.captaindeadeye.com. Stand Up! Stand Out! Stop Bullying! Be a Lifesaver! You ARRR awesome!###