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Captain Deadeye: The Bully Shark AR Test

Captain Deadeye: The Bully Shark AR Test
10 Questions
Book Level: 4
Interest Level: LG
Points: 3

1. John lived near the _____________.

a) forest
b) ocean
c) castle
d) prairie

2. Every sailor not only has a reliable map but a _____________.

a) compass
b) anchor
c) dinghy
d) eye patch

3. Deadeye John wrote a letter to Shark telling him that he ______________ him.

a) appreciates
b) enlightened
c) forgives
d) educated

4. When Sirena told John, “You’ve always got your head in the clouds.” She was

a) referring to him imagining things.
b) telling him to quit trying to fly.
c) saying he always makes wise-cracks.
d) asking him to keep up with her.

5. Bullies usually want other people to _____________.

a) dare them to do something
b) comfort them
c) notice them
d) help them with their problems

6. What unkind name did Shark call John?

a) Deadeye John
b) Buckethead John
c) Parrot Face John
d) Dinghy John

7. What did John finally do to help Shark?

a) He wrote Shark a letter.
b) He sent Shark on a treasure hunt.
c) He got his friend to help beat up Shark.
d) He paid Shark to leave him alone.

8. Uncle Henry served in what branch of the military?

a) Army
b) Air Force
c) Navy
d) Marines

9. What was the name of Captain Deadeye’s feathered companion?

a) Rover
b) King
c) Champ
d) Skipper

10. It turned out that Dee Dee was Shark’s _____________.

a) niece
b) sister
c) cousin
d) best friend