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“Shiver me timbers! Climb aboard for a seagoing yarn with plenty of heart. Dianne de Las Casas and John Couret know that a school hallway can be as frightening as a lagoon full of bull sharks. But with a good map, a brave heart, and a crew of loyal friends, you can find treasure in the most unlikely places. A must-read for swashbucklers and landlubbers alike!”
– Eric A. Kimmel, author of Anansi and the Moss-Covered Rock, Caldecott Honor book Hershel and the Hanukkah Goblins, and over 130 award-winning children’s books


front-cover-preview3 Dianne de Las Casas’ and John Couret’s NEWEST book is Captain Deadeye: The Bully Shark, illustrated by the talented Stefan Jolet. It is part of an anti-bully pirate chapter book series! John is bullied at school by a boy named Shark. Because of John’s lazy eye, Shark gives him the nickname “Deadeye John.” To cheer him up, John’s mom sends him on a treasure hunt, where he finds a chest full of goodies. He reaches inside and pulls out an eye patch and a pirate hat. He becomes “Captain Deadeye, Master of the Seven Seas.” Through his pirate adventures battling a raging storm; facing his nemesis, Captain Blackheart; and confronting a monstrous bull shark, he finds the courage to stand up to his real-life bully at school. A heartwarming ending demonstrates that books and friends are true treasures.


Because of their own personal experiences with being bullied, Authors Dianne de Las Casas and John Couret are passionate about bringing awareness to the issue of bullying, helping students cope, and providing solutions to this pervasive problem. John was teased as a child because of his lazy eyes and called “Deadeye John.” Dianne was teased as a child because of third-degree burn scars covering a large portion of her body. In their anti-bully book series, a cast of cool characters (Captain Deadeye, Scarlet, and Buccaneer Bracey) go on swashbuckling adventures across the seven seas and find the courage to face their real-life bullies, creating positive change within their own communities. In their fun, powerful, and interactive author visit program for grades PK-8, students learn how to be “Masters of the 7 Cs” and become “Lifesavers.” So join John and Dianne in their national campaign to Stop Bullying! Be a Lifesaver!

“Dianne and John were courteous, kind, funny, engaging, and very professional. Their passion for reading and sharing their anti-bullying message is evident in everything they do! …I wholeheartedly recommend this program. It is well worth the money and time. I plan to book them again next year!” Wendy Jeffcoat, Library Media Specialist, LPE, Lisa Park Elementary, Houma, Louisiana (Captain Deadeye book and author visit)

“It was great to have y’all!! Everyone loved it! The kids are still talking about it!” Lori Dugas Harrell, Principal, North Pike Elementary School, Summit, Mississippi (Captain Deadeye book and author visit)

“My first grader and I HAD to read the whole book tonight before she went to bed!! We loved it!!” – Kristi Martin Bird, Teacher, North Pike Elementary School, Summit, Mississippi (Captain Deadeye book and author visit)

“What a wonderful, engaging show! It made a positive impact on our students. Thank you so much!!!” – Nicole Cannaliato, Assistant Principal, Paul Solis Elementary, Gretna, Louisiana (Captain Deadeye author visit)