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Become a Lifesaver Sponsor

Become a Lifesaver Sponsor
Join Authors Dianne de Las Casas and John Couret in a unique opportunity to make a difference with kids! Dianne and John have co-authored a brand-new title, Captain Deadeye: The Bully Shark, a fun pirate adventure. The book is at the core of their national anti-bullying campaign, and Dianne and John visit schools with a theatrical pirate production to spread their message of bullying prevention and literacy. When you are a proud sponsor of their visit to a school of your choice, you will receive:

• Exclusive single sponsor advertising at the event with prominent signage and announcements before and after each performance
• Your company’s name on a beautiful plaque that you can display at your company headquarters
• A set of five books donated to the school library with book plates showing your company as a “Proud Lifesaver Sponsor”
• Your company’s name listed on the Captain Deadeye website as a “Lifesaver Sponsor”
• Shout-outs on Dianne and John’s incredibly strong social media platforms of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and LinkedIn (totaling over 30,000 followers)
• The knowledge that you have strong community outreach with a great cause (anti-bullying) that everyone relates to and understands

Here are the Pirate Treasure Packages:

Platinum: 2 one-hour assembly programs (up to 350 students each) and a parent literacy night with author meet-and-greet – $2,500
Gold: 1 one-hour assembly program (up to 350 students each) and a parent literacy night with author meet-and-greet – $2,150
Silver: – A parent literacy night with author meet-and-greet – $1,750

* If travel is more than 3 hours away from New Orleans, sponsor must cover travel expenses. A 20% block booking discount rate applies for three or more schools.

About the Book, Captain Deadeye: The Bully Shark
Ahoy there, matey! Fourth Grader John goes to Oceanside Elementary and, because of his lazy eyes, he is bullied by a boy who calls himself “Shark.” Shark gives him the hurtful nickname “Deadeye John.” To cheer him up, John’s mom sends him on a treasure hunt where he discovers a magical chest full of loot! He finds an eye patch and a pirate hat, and becomes “Captain Deadeye, Master of the Seven Seas.” Join Captain Deadeye on this seafaring pirate adventure where he battles a fierce storm; his nemesis, Captain Blackheart; and a vicious shark all while finding the courage to face his real-life bully at school.

Product Description
• Trade Paperback (chapter book): 112 pages
• Juvenile Fiction: Ages 7-10
• Subject: Pirates, Anti-Bullying, Adventure
• Publisher: Write Hook Media; 1st edition (October 2016); 2nd edition (March 2017)
• Language: English
• ISBN-10: 0-997947705; ISBN-13: 978-0997947700
• $5.99 retail

About the Authors
• Dianne is an award-winning author of 30 books, a publisher, a professional storyteller, the founder of international Picture Book Month, and an anti-bullying consultant.
• Before forming Write Hook Media publishing company with Dianne de Las Casas, John spent over 20 years in the auto industry from sales to general management. He is now a three-time author, a film/television actor, a success coach, and an anti-bullying consultant as well.
• Bullying is the #1 cause of adolescent and teen suicide. Dianne and John were both bullied very badly as kids. Dianne was bullied because of third-degree burns covering a large portion of her body. John was bullied for having lazy eyes and he was nicknamed “Deadeye John.”

With your help, they are now looking to make a difference, one child at a time. Visit www.captaindeadeye.com for more information! Email John at john@captaindeadeye.com or call him at 504-330-3667. You ARRR a treasure!