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Fun Facts About the Authors


Fun Facts About Authors Dianne de Las Casas and John Couret


    • John’s childhood experience of being bullied and called “Deadeye John” is what inspired the title character.
    • Dee Dee is inspired by Dianne. John’s granddaughter, Maci, calls Dianne “Dee Dee.”
    • Dianne’s favorite teacher is the world is Mrs. Good, her seventh and eighth grade language arts teacher. Dianne named the teacher in the story after the real-life Mrs. Good, who always introduced her students to new stories! Mrs. Good appears in another book by Dianne de Las Casas: There’s A Dragon in the Library and Dianne dedicated her book, Scared Silly: 25 Tales to Tickle and Thrill, to Mrs. Karleen Good.
    • In the story, John’s sister, Sirena, wears sailor shorts and a t-shirt. Her outfit was inspired by Dianne’s teen daughter, Eliana, who has a cute pair of sailor shorts with silver buttons on the front.

Eliana and Sirena

    • In the story, Uncle Henry is inspired by John’s real Uncle Henry. Real-life Uncle Henry was not in the Navy but he is every bit as kind as Uncle Henry in the book.
    • John has a real-life aunt named “Becky,” who is a nurse, just like Nurse Becky in the book.
    • Both Dianne’s father and stepfather served in the United States Navy. Dianne grew up all over the world and lived in the Philippines, Hawaii, Spain, and California as a child.

Dianne in Spain

    • In California, Dianne lived on a street called Coral Avenue, which is the name of the street John lives on in the book.
    • Oceanside Elementary is a fictional school, however, Dianne and John visit Pensacola, Florida often because they love the beach.

Pensacola Giant Clam Shell

  • The large clam shell in front of the school is inspired by a real large clam shell located on a stage on the boardwalk in Pensacola Beach, Florida.
  • Dianne and her brother, Gary, used to collect sharks’ teeth on the southern shores of Rota, Spain when they were children.
  • When Dianne and John began planning the story, they were at a bookstore café and, on a napkin, they drew the bathtub that became the inspiration for Captain Deadeye’s ship,The Adventure.

Captain Deadeye Napkin

  • The quote by Henry David Thoreau, “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined” is Dianne’s favorite quote in the entire world. Dianne and John actually found a compass with those words engraved on it!